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Express Academic Editing Services

Does your report, article, or essay need editing in 72 hours or less? You've come to the right place. Each of our manuscript editing services (i.e., copy editing, line editing, and proofreading) includes a 72 hour, 48 hour, or 24 hour express option. Our express editing and proofreading services provide the same emphasis on clear grammar, style, and voice on your deadline.

Our Promise

We will ensure that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment. 

We don't sacrifice quality for speed: our one-week deadlines have lower rates because they give us the lead time we need to provide a flawless review of every academic manuscript we edit.

  • Express Academic Copy EditingOur express academic copy editing service emphasizes corrections to basic grammar, punctuation, spelling and typos, and proofreading. 
  • Express Academic Line Editing–Our express academic line editing service addresses errors in grammar and syntax, structural coherence, style, and voice, and it includes a final proofreading pass to ensure an error free manuscript.
  • Express Academic Proofreading–Our express academic proofreading service provides a final review for spelling, punctuation, and typographic errors for manuscripts that have already been edited and that require a final review.

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