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Academic Copy Editing Service

Copy Editing Service

Are your book or article's style, syntax, and voice coherent but not yet error-free? If so, then you should consider ordering our copy editing service. (If you need revisions that address your manuscript's style and voice, you'll want to consider ordering our line editing service instead). The purpose of copy editing a book or article is to ensure that there are no remaining errors in grammar, punctuation, or word choice.

Our Copy Editing Service

Our copy editing service fulfills these traditional roles of a copy editor by applying the following editing parameters to your manuscript:

  • Basic Grammar: There is a significant difference between a grammar check run in Microsoft Word and a grammar check performed by an experienced copy editor: a human editor, unlike a machine, catches inconsistencies in usage and grammar that are technically "allowable" but that reduce readability. Our copy editing service addresses grammar mistakes with a high level of detail orientation that a machine can't compete with and that publishers and our clients respect.
  • Spelling & Typos: Even in the case spelling errors, a machine grammar check will overlook mistakes that aren't obvious, such as homonym substitutions (like they're/there), inconsistent capitalization (are you sure "Senator" should be capitalized in every instance?), and typographical errors ("typos"). 
  • Punctuation: There are multiple ways to improve a text that already has technically correct punctuation, but the chances are good that there's a misplaced comma, a period with an extra space before it, an inconsistent ellipsis, a period on the wrong side of a parenthesis, an incorrect semicolon, or all of these, somewhere in your writing. Our copy editing service fixes these errors and makes changes in cases when doing so will improve your manuscript's readability. (A parenthesis––for example––is sometimes less effective than a hyphen.)
  • Proofreading: While there is some overlap between proofreading and copy editing (remember, the result of our copy editing service is an error free draft), and while many traditional presses treat proofreading as a separate pass over the manuscript, our copy editing service includes a final proofreading pass for minor errors that, too often, go to press unnoticed.

Once we've completed copy editing your manuscript, your house editor (if you're working with a press that employs one) will likely give it one final review before publishing your book or article. For this reason, it's important that we have on hand any house style sheet that you'd like us to follow.

Our Promise

We will ensure that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment. 

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