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Manuscript Typesetting and Formatting Service

Once you're ready to have your book or article reach its audience-after its been edited and proofread-you'll need to ensure that it's correctly formatted. Our typesetting service (aka., layout formatting) performs the work of a typesetter at a traditional press. We prepare your manuscript for final publication by applying your publisher's typesetting guidelines to the final, print-ready manuscript of your book or article. We also offer citation formatting services, with an emphasis on styles used in the social sciences and humanities: Chicago/Turabian, American Sociological Style (ASA), APA Style, and, for our British and Australian clients primarily, Harvard Style.

Our Promise

We will ensure that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment. 

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What Manuscript Formatting Covers

Manuscript Formatting Service ($2/pg.): With our formatting service, we apply the publisher's formatting guidelines that you send to us, addressing the following elements of typesetting along with any unique typesetting requirements that your publisher may have:

  • Preliminary Pages: As we format your manuscript, we will pay close attention to preparing its preliminary pages, which usually have distinct pagination requirements and almost always contain the Table of Contents and Lists of Tables and Figures among other required assets. 
  • Pagination & Margins: The placement of page numbers within the preliminary and primary page headers and the margins of your document will vary from publisher to publisher. For this reason, we'll request a copy of your publisher's typesetting requirements on our order page when you add this service and ensure that your manuscript is paginated correctly.  
  • Spacing:  Our typesetting service includes formatting the spacing in your manuscript, including spacing between and within paragraphs when these need to be reformatted due to word processing errors or to comply with your house style.
  • Figure & Table Tags: As part of our typesetting service, we ensure that the placement and formatting of your table and figure tags comply with your house style and are tagged to create automated lists of tables and figures in your preliminary pages (if these lists are required by your publisher).
  • Headings & Subheadings: We also correctly format the placement of your section headings and subheadings, following your house style and tagging these to prepare an updatable table of contents for you.
  • Tables of Contents: The placement and formatting of chapter and section headings in manuscripts, when formatted correctly in Word, create automated tables of contents and lists of figures and tables. We use this feature to comply with your publisher's requirements for the formatting of your table of contents. Some publishers, for example, require leaders to be included in the table of contents while others do not. We'll make sure that these specifications are followed and that your table of contents is formatted correctly.
Citation Style Formatting ($3/pg.): With our citation style formatting service, we format the parenthetical, footnote, or endnote citations and external reference lists in your manuscript. The emphasis of our service is on Chicago/TurabianAmerican Sociological Style (ASA), APA Style, and Harvard StyleClients who require formatting for a reference list alone should order copy editing and add citation formatting as a service type on the order page.