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Manuscript Editing Services

Our legacy is academic editing. 

Since 2002, we've provided scholarly editing services to student and scholar writers through Editors For Students, the original all-academic editing service. In other words, scholarly editing is our legacy. We work with authors in a variety of disciplines, including sociology, urban planning, law, history, environmental science, nursing, and education. The purpose of our scholarly editing service is to provide each of our clients with a publication-ready version of their scholarly book or article. 

Our Promise

We will ensure that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment.

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What Our Manuscript Editing Services Cover

While editing your scholarly work, we remain particularly attuned to your audience. A strong emphasis of our service is on editing dissertations and academic articles for print in traditional presses and journals. This work requires close attentiveness to the author's tone and the overall accessibility of the writing.

We address these concerns with our intensive line editing service, which emphasizes editorial changes for style, voice, and tone. You don't want your dissertation to read like one or your academic language to confuse your general reader, and neither do we. Line editing provides clarity and grounded, accessible syntax for your writing.

In addition to line editing, we provide a final, lighter editing pass before a manuscript's final publication. Our copy editing service emphasizes corrections to errors in basic grammar, usage, and punctuation, but without changes to address style, tone, and voice.

Since we specialize in subjects in the social sciences, nursing, history, education, and the humanities, we also provide citation formatting services, with an emphasis on Chicago, MLA, APA, and Harvard styles.

Finally, following house style sheets (which our clients provide to us), we offer typesetting services to prepare your book or article for print. Our typesetting service includes preparation of the manuscript from its preliminary pages to its final appendixes, including its spacing, pagination, margins, headings, and lists of contents, figures, tables, and images. 

Scholarly books and articles walk a final line between accessibility and academic formality. We'll walk this line with you to help you produce a final copy of your work that broadens the audience for your research and ideas. Feel free to contact us today with any questions.